1 Oriental Supreme (Minimum for 2 persons) Crispy Seaweed, Honey Spare Ribs, Spring Rolls, Prawn Cake, Sesame Chicken £5.50 per person
2 Malaysian Satay (4 Skewers) Marinated in Spice Herbs and served with Peanut Sauce  
  Choices of a) Chicken £5.00
                   b) Prawn £6.80
3 Vegetable Samosa (4 pcs)   £3.20
4 Spring Rolls (4 pcs)   £3.20
5 Crispy Seaweed   £3.20
6 Guilin Chicken Balls (6pcs) Deep Fried Minced Chicken Balls & Croutons. Served with Sweet & Chilli Sauce £6.00
7 Pandan Chicken Deep Fried Chicken Wrapped in Pandan Leaf. Served with Sweet & Chilli Sauce £5.50
8 Spicy Sesame Chicken Deep Fried Chicken Marinated with Chilli Powder & Sesame Seed Served with Pickle Vegetable & Sweet & Chilli Sauce £5.50
9 Chicken Salad Minced Chicken Tossed with Onion, Lettuce, Cucumber, Chilli & Coriander in Lime Juice £5.50
10 Seafood Salad Mussels, Scallops, Prawns, Squids Tossed with Onion, Lettuce, Cucumber, Chilli & Coriander in Lime Juice £7.80
11 Sesame Prawn Toast Deep Fried Minced Prawns Stuffed King Prawn with Sesame Seed on Toast £5.50
12 Pan Fried Prawn Cake Served with Sweet & Chilli Sauce £5.50
13 Tempura Prawns Crispy Prawn Served with Japanese Soya Sauce £6.00
14 Spicy Soft Shell Crab Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab Sauteed with Garlic & Chilli £6.50 each
15 Spicy Squids Deep Fried Squids Sauteed with Garlic & Chilli £7.50
16 Stir Fried Mussels Village Style Half Shell Mussels Sauteed with Onion, Basil Leaves & Chilli Paste Sauce £6.50
17 Black Bean Mussels Stir Fried Half Shell Mussels with Green Pepper & Onion in Black Bean Sauce £6.50
18 Baked Scallop Fresh Scallop stuffed with Mixed Chopped Seafood & Coconut Sauce £5.50 each
19 Steamed Scallop Fresh Scallop Steamed with Garlic & Clear Vermicelli in Soya Sauce £3.50 each
20 Spare Ribs Choices of: £5.50
  a) Garlic & Chilli b) Sweet & Chilli Thai Sauce  
  c) Peking Sauce  d) Honey Sauce  
21 Crispy Aromatic Duck Served with Pancake, Spring Onion, Cucumber & Hoi Sin Sauce Whole    £33.00
    Half       £18.00
    Quarter  £9.00
22 Lettuce Wrap Vietnamese Style Served with Vermicelli & Sour Fish Sauce £8.50
  Choices of: a) Fried Minced Chicken  
                  b) Fried Minced Prawn  
23 Thai Barbecue Special The most traditional food that you can easily find around street corner in Thailand  
  Choices of:  a) King Prawn (4 pcs) £8.80
                     b) Seabass £14.80
                     c) Chicken £7.50
                     d) Beef £7.50
                     e) Pork £7.50
                     f) Lamb £7.50
                     g) Chicken Wing (3 pcs) £5.50