Wine & Drinks      
House Wine   Glass Bottle
B1 White Wine Light, fresh and crisply fruity wine £3.80 £14.50
B2 Red Wine Very smooth, easy drinking red £3.80 £14.50
B3 Moet et Chandon Dry, elegant champagne medium in weight & fruit. The brand leader   £45.80
Sprinkling Wine      
B4 Asti A delicious medium sweet wine of excellent quality, packed with sweet muscat fruit   £22.80
White Wine      
B5 Sauvignon Blanc Gooseberry aromas and aromatic elderflower characters   £15.80
B6 Muscadet Fresh, clean & fruity   £16.80
B7 Vouvray Medium Leo d'Aubert Full Chenin Blanc nose. Soft medium dry style on the palate   £18.80
B8 Chablis Daniel Dampt Dry, pure and fresh. Class   £22.80
B9 Rudesheimer Rosengarten H. Sohne Medium - fruity with a hint of sweetness at the end   £15.80
B10 Pinot Grigio Smooth, dry and rounded, very easy   £15.80
B11 Colombard Chardonnay A dry aromatic wine with zingy acidity and enhanced floral character   £15.80
South Africa      
B12 Chenin Blanc Fresh, green apple fruit with a ripe, round finish   £15.80
B13 Chardonnay Initial impact of ripe melon and guava flavours with shots of peel and spice   £15.80
Red Wine      
B14 Merlot Deep red colour, plumy aroma and ripe fruit palate   £16.80
B15 Cotes Du Rhone Bright, ruby red with hints of violet   £16.80
B16 Saint Emilion Lively nose with hints of red fruit and full flavour   £20.80
B17 Chateau-Neuf du Pape Powerful, rich and open   £28.80
B18 Chianti Deep colour and full nose with a rich flavour   £16.80
South Africa      
B19 Pinotage Soft dry medium weight with red fruit flavours and light tanins   £16.80
B20 Shiraz An explosion of sweet berry fruits carry through to a full spicy palate   £16.80
B21 Zinfandel Black cherry and raspberry fruit with a hint of vanilla oak   £16.80
B22 Cabernet Sauvignon Full fruit nose with hints of berries. Delicate soft tanins in perfect balance.   £16.80
B23 Pinot Grigio Rose Fresh dry and crammed with summer fruit flavours   £16.80
Cocktails   £6.50
B24 Tequila Sunrise Tequila, Grenadine, Orange Juice  
B25 Grasshopper Creme de Menthe, White Creme de Cocoa, Egg White  
B26 Pink Lady Gin, Grenadine, Lemon Juice, Egg White  
B27 Hawaii Beach Bacardi, Lime, Pineapple Juice  
B28 Brandy Alexander Brandy, Creme de Cocoa, Cream  
B29 Manhattan Canadian Club Whisky, Rosso Vermouth, Bitters  
Oriental Long Drinks   £7.50  
B30 Singapore Sling Gin, Cherry Brandy, Grenadine, Lemon Juice, Soda  
B31 Hong Kong Rum Girls Bacardi, Baileys Cream, Water  
B32 Canton Summer Lychee Wine, Gin, Lemonade  
B33 Kuala Lumpur Fever Vodka, Blue Curacao, Galliano, Water  
B34 Mekong River Malibu, Cream, Pineapple Juice  
B35 Tokyo Dream Vodka, Advocaat, Orange Juice  
B36 Thailand Night Archers, Creme de Menthe, Grenadine, Pineapple Juice  
B37 Tropical Mixer Tequila, Vodka, Tropical Juice  
B38 Campari   £3.00  
B39 Cinzano   £3.00  
B40 Dubonnet   £3.00  
B41 Malibu   £3.00  
B42 Martini (Sweet or Dry Bianco)   £3.00  
B43 Sherry (Dry,Sweet or Medium)   £3.00  
B44 Pernod   £3.00  
Spirits   Per Measure  
B45 Tequila   £3.00  
B46 Calvados   £3.00  
B47 Gin   £3.00  
B48 Vodka   £3.00  
B49 Rum   £3.00  
B50 Archers   £3.00  
B51 Scotch Whisky   £3.00  
B52 Canadian Club   £3.00  
B53 Southern Comfort   £3.20  
B54 Jack Daniels   £3.20  
B55 Johnny Walkers Black Label   £3.20  
B56 Chivas Regal   £3.20  
B57 Glenfiddich   £3.20  
B58 Kahlua   £3.00  
B59 Amaretto   £3.00  
B60 Tia Maria   £3.00  
B61 Cointreau   £3.00  
B62 Drambuie   £3.00  
B63 Benedictine   £3.00  
B64 Baileys   £3.00  
B65 Creme de Menthe   £3.00  
B66 Sambuca   £3.00  
B67 Kummel   £3.00  
B68 Port   £3.00  
B69 Advocaat   £3.00  
B70 Galliano   £3.00  
B71 Courvoisier V.S.   £3.50  
B72 Martell VSOP   £4.00  
B73 Hennessey XO   £8.50  
Oriental Liqueur      
B74 Lychee Wine   £2.50  50ml  
B75 Mei Kuei Lu   £3.80  
B76 Montai   £8.50  
B77 Shaoh Shing   £9.50 180ml  
B78 Sake   £9.50 180ml  
Soda Water, Tonic, Ginger Ale, Bitter Lemon with above drinks add 80p extra per bottle  
B79 Pint (Beck, Carlsberg, Foster, John Smiths, Guinness) £3.50  
B80 Half Pint (Beck, Carlsberg, Foster, John Smiths, Guinness) £2.00  
B81 Singha (Thailand)   £3.20  
B82 Asahi  (Japan)   £3.20  
B83 San Miguel  (Spain)    £3.20  
B84 Tsing Tao (Chinese)    £3.20  
B85 Tiger  (Singapore)   £3.20  
Soft Drinks     pint
B86 Fruit Juice   £2.20 £3.00
B87 Cola   £2.20 £2.80
B88 Soda   £2.00 £2.80
B89 Lemonade   £2.00 £2.80
B90 Ginger Ale   £2.00 £2.80
B91 Tonic Water   £2.00 £2.80
B92 Bitter Lemon   £2.00 £2.80
B93 Mineral Water (Still or Sparkling)   £2.00  
B94 Bottle Mineral Water (Still or Sparkling)     £3.50
Coffee & Tea      
B95 Espresso   £2.20  
B96 Decaffeinated Coffee   £2.20  
B97 Filter Coffee   £2.20  
B98 Liqueur Coffee   £5.50  
B99 English Tea   £2.00  
B100 Jasmin Tea   £2.00